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If you’re looking on how to run kik messenger on computers check it out HERE!

Kik Messenger is a great way to share messages and moments with all your friends. Kik Messenger is free of charge and it uses your phone’s data connection or Wi-Fi to send messages. This is a great advantage above standard SMS that charges you per message (according to your plan). It’s also more powerful than normal SMS as it lets you send images and other rich content between you and your friends. Another great advantage is the Kik Browser which lets you enjoy content together with your friends and loved ones. Kick has developed an app for the following mobile systems: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Symbian.

On this website we provide you with useful information regarding the use of Kik. You’ll find a quick guide to help you get started on Kik, as well as an expert guide on how to use every feature of the app. Also featured on this website is a page where you can find the official websites where you can download or install App for your iOS or Android device or Windows Phone. We also provide information on how to run Kik Messenger on your computer. Last but not least you can find tips on how to make sure your information stays private while using Kik.

The company behind Kik is called Kik Interactive and was founded in 2009 by a group of Students from the University of Waterloo. It took Kik two weeks to reach a million users and it has been a steady and growing underdog under the shadow of messaging systems like WhatsApp or Snapchat. It currently has around 100 million active users and keeps growing day by day, which proves what a great platform it is. The company behind Kik has also been steadily growing and has successfully completed several rounds of funding. We are not affiliated with Kik but we really like the app and think we can provide some useful info to get the most out of your Kik experience.

Give this awesome app a try and leave a comment below to help us improve this site. We’ll keep posting more and more info about Kik in the News Section to make your experience as good as possible.

Remember to stay safe and have fun!


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